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At last… Maroon 5 made Manila wonder no more! Marso 6, 2008

Posted by Lenggai in Good News.

Considering the fact that I only had less than two hours of sleep (out of euphoria perhaps? I was able to buy last-minute Upper Box A SRO tickets the night before)… then I had to work from 9 am until past 6pm… I still wonder how I was able to find the energy to shout my lungs out and dance like crazy in Maroon 5’s concert last night at the Araneta Coliseum.

Call it adrenalin rush

But I wouldn’t be exaggerating when I say that the group’s more than one hour performance is worth the four thousand ticket… actually, M5’s concert cost me almost eight grand because the second ticket was my graduation gift for my younger sister.

Aside from being drop-dead-gorgeous, M5 frontman Adam Levine was very engaging all throughout their performance. The group’s Pinoy fans went crazy especially after he spoke in Tagalog during their introduction…

Who would ever forget his almost flawless (minus the usual, irritating foreign accent) countdown: Isa, dalawa, tatlo, apat! (One, two, three, four…) before singing The Sun? I had it captured on video in my cellphone, but it was rejected when I tried to upload it in You Tube a while ago.

The clip exceeded the 10-minute allowance and honestly, I don’t have any idea how I am going to shorten it… still, I’d rather leave it at that since I don’t want to do anything that might mess the whole chunk up.

Anyway, here is another shaky video of Adam singing Won’t Go Home Without You. Shaky because the main goal of this clip is to capture the moment… and I was so excited I couldn’t keep my hands still!

Oh and yeah, at times, you’d hear me singing… and FYI… it’s my phone, so… shut up!


With that voice… that kind of charisma and “connection” to his audience, it is no wonder why we just Won’t Go Home Without Adam!

…and after telling his loyal fans that last night was one of their group’s favorite concerts… I just hope that Adam and his equally-talented bandmates will make it a point to come back… soon.

*** For more shaky videos of M5’s concert, click here.

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2. chiqz - Marso 6, 2008

you were there too?! they’re such a great band, no doubt that the tickets were worth every penny! i loved adam before, i love him more now…even matt (drummer) was really good when he did his solo act.

congrats sa atin, we were able to see Maroon5 perform!

Of course! The moment I saw their poster at Araneta last December, I told my boss that I’ll be having the night’s off on March 5… and you can just imagine how devastated I was when their tickets were sold out last month! Good thing they sold extras, and I noticed that not all seats were taken… we even had our own seats at the start of the concert.

God, it was really worth every penny and the whole band is really talented! I also love Matt (he is really a worthy replacement for Ryan, don’t you think?) and Jesse (good thing he had his hair cut, he is so cute!).

3. camilleeee - Marso 6, 2008

weeeehhhhhhh! kahit video lang napatili ako, anu pa kaya kung andun ako. haha

ampogi talaga ni fafa adam.

keber ang 4k, or 8k bsta super enjoy talaga, di ba sis lenggai?😉


…at sobrang galing nila!!! talagang umiikot si Adam sa stage, kahit alam mong tuldok ka lang sa mga nakikita niya… feeling mo ikaw ang kinakawayan nila sa tuwing nagtuturo siya sa side namin…

4. Alveel Kaith - Marso 6, 2008

feel na feel ang excitement and happiness sa entry na to ate! =D

kumpleto na ang linggo ko! at least masasabi ko na sa mga magiging anak ko na nasa concert ako ng Maroon 5!!! grabe ang experience talaga!!!

5. denztarca - Marso 6, 2008

ui paborito ko toh!

nga pala.. add mo naman po ako sa blogroll mo. bago lang kasi ako eh.


^ang buhay ng isang kolboy slash macho dancer na nursing stud…

salamat poh!

o cge.

6. brath - Marso 6, 2008

shaks lab ko talaga yang si adam ang wafu talaga niya sobra,, nung una ko siyang makita sa trl sa new york parang gusto ko ng mag propose sa kanya ng kasal!! lols…


subukan mong makita siya ng personal sa concert… hindi lang siya guwapo, sobrang galing pa! mapalad ang magiging asawa nito… ako… nyahahaha!!!

7. Reese - Marso 6, 2008

Adam Levine. Is. So. Fuckin. Hot.


Marisse?! Is this you speakin’?😀

I want that HOT VOCALIST!!

8. MisyeL - Marso 7, 2008

You really had fun sis, rinig ko sa mga hiyaw mo at kanta. Ang gwapo naman ni Adam, ayoko na ke Piolo! hahaha!

hay naku! kung andun ka, sinasabi ko sayo, balakubak si Piolo jan!!!

…at least itong si Adam, sigurado kang lalaki… nyahahaha!!!

9. Arekz - Marso 7, 2008

Meron ka pa ibang video?

yup, pero pag di na masyadong busy, ipopost ko sa kabilang blog ko… tagal lang kasi mag upload…😀

10. gasti - Marso 7, 2008

kahit kelan hindi ako nagwapuhan sa kanya..lols panira lang ng moment

congrats lenggai! buti naman at umabot ka pa sa concert..sabi ko na eh nagtabi talaga sila ng mga tickets para mabili yung mas malalapit..dati ng style yan.

salamat ka gasti!!! pakshet sila pinaiyak pa nila ako nung una… imagine mo na lang ang gulat ko nung nagbakasakali akong tumawag at magtanong ng tickets nung 1 day before the concert?!

at ang mga hinayupak na me smart infinity na nagdamot, ayun, kandakumahog nung day ng concert kakahanap ng bibili ng tix nila ng half the price!!! pakshet sila!!!

11. tapsiboy - Marso 7, 2008

panalo ba ang concert?

im not a fan of maroon 5, pero naaliw naman ako sa mga kanta nila.🙂


I’m a fan, so I might be biased, hehe… pero based nman sa reaction ng audience, bentang-benta naman sila… Magaling pa silang magperform, maganda ang interaction ni Adam with the crowd, performer talaga…😉

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