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TV English Hulyo 4, 2008

Posted by Lenggai in Boo!, Feedback, News Flash!.

Text galing sa isa sa mga iniidolo at nirerespeto kong manunulat sa Ingles:

‘Yung (pangalan ng program), ang pangit ng ingles! U shud tell dm to edit. And delivery ng anchors parang 24 oras in english.

Makalipas ang ilang araw, isa na namang text mula sa kanya:

‘some companies have donated goods in cash and in kind’ – line from (name of his “favorite” program)

Hindi naman halatang partikular siya sa grammar di ba?

Nakakairita raw kasi kapag ‘yung pinapanood natin na supposedly eh matalinong palabas, nagkakamali pa sa basic English.

Now if I can only find a way to tell them…

Mga Puna»

1. Geisha - Hulyo 4, 2008

toink! ayus ang birit ah!
what kind of grammar does she has?😆


2. kulot - Hulyo 4, 2008

oo nga naman, dapat tama ang gramar, buong sambayanan ang nanood sa kanila.


3. taps - Hulyo 4, 2008


tagalog na lang sana di pa nahirapan.

oo nga eh… kaso hindi nila maiwasan… english news program sila eh… sana lang matino ang script editor nila.😦

4. R.J. - Hulyo 4, 2008

michael fajatin rocks! =D

bwahah! makakarating…😆

5. aKDa - Hulyo 6, 2008

ako, mas natutuwa ako sa news na english. yun nga lang, di yon ma-appeal sa masa.


ako rin, pero minsan lang, hindi nakakaaliw makinig ng news kapag mali-mali ang grammar.

6. ayyzzz - Hulyo 7, 2008

oo nga. kunhindikasure sa henglis, tagalogin mo na lang. mas seyp. hahaha. pinahihirapan mo pa sarili mo😆

pinahihirapan at ginagawang kahiya-hiya ang sarili mo…😦

7. onat - Agosto 13, 2008


tsaka kung trip mo mag-english..panindigan mo.

wag yung halo-halo…”pwede bang paki-get that for me?”

walang ganun! hahaha

ang hate ko, yung kausap mo ng tagalog, sasagutin ka in english… duh… uno kaya ako sa englishh, ang angas mong *&%$# ka! lol!

8. Jose A. Carillo - Hunyo 30, 2009

She teaches English punctuation with a Gothic touch!

June 30, 2009

Dear Fellow Communicators in English,

You must have thought that it was the British sports columnist Lynne Truss who started the big English punctuation rush with her best-selling Eats, Shoots & Leaves. I thought so, too, until I stumbled on The New Well-Tempered Sentence: A Punctuation Handbook for the Innocent, the Eager, and the Doomed by Karen Elizabeth Gordon, an American who used to teach English and a consummate grammarian with a Gothic touch. It turns out that Karen Gordon had come up with her delightfully instructive punctuation handbook 21 years before Lynne Truss did, and had actually released an expanded and illustrated edition of it in 2003—at least a year before Eats, Shoots & Leaves hit the London bookstores!

This is just one of the exciting and provocative features lined up this week by Jose Carillo’s English Forum for your enjoyment before, after, or in-between your English shoptalks inside the Forum. Look at the full story lineup to see what I mean:

THIS WEEK IN THE FORUM (June 27-July 3, 2009):
• Advice and Dissent: Who Really Started the Great English Punctuation Rush? (It’s an American former English teacher with a Gothic touch!)
• My Media English Watch: Grammatically, Semantically Troublesome Threesome (Front-page leads trip over commas, a wrong conjunction, and a misplaced modifier!)
• Essays by Jose Carillo: When Even the Passive Voice Isn’t Enough (Dare to cleave single-clause sentences for semantic emphasis!)
• Going Deeper into English: A Huge Treasure Trove of Great Short Stories (The very best from Miguel Cervantes to John Updike!)
• News and Commentary: Philippines Warned to Boost English Skills or Risk Ending Its Current BPO boom (But do we really need an Australian to tell us that?)
• Getting to Know English: Lesson #9 – Getting to Know the Prepositional Phrases (Some verbs and adjectives are so picky with their partner prepositions!)
• Time Out from English Grammar: Twixt Mathematics, Technology, and Ancient Religious Belief (Is mathematics a human invention or a cosmic—and possibly divine—order?)

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With my best wishes,

Joe Carillo

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