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Better than Pokwang Oktubre 17, 2008

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Or not.

It’s too early to judge.

But to pit them.. or even measure them with the same yardstick for showbiz excellence is unfair.

Two weeks since Survivor Philippines castaway Jervy “Patani” Daño got voted off from the show, viewers have been bombarded with numerous Patani guestings.

Must be our network’s way of granting her wish for more “exfosure” (read:exposure) after her Koh Tarutao Island stint… a classic “ask and you shall receive” plot in TV-landia… still, you have to admit — the girl really deserves her fifteen minutes of fame.

It was all so predictable: probinsyana dreams of becoming famous, joins various auditions — then fails. But she kept on trying… and trying… ’til she gets her big break.

Many were charmed by Patani’s wit and childlike honesty… and most of SP’s followers loved the way she delivered her hilarious impersonations and impromptu skits.

Though honestly, I was never a fan… of SP or Patani.

And I only had the chance to watch the Koh Tarutao scenes during the pre-production of my segment.

Yet the five sleepless days we’ve been tailing her were enough for us to get a whiff of what this Camotes Island lass is made of:

She’s smart… far smarter than her famous, college-grad colleagues.

She keeps this inexpensive notebook that serves as her diary. She read some sentimental proses, and after a few minutes, I knew — this is where her poetic side was honed.

She’s gracious to her fans… whenever somebody calls her name, she makes an effort to smile at that person. She even gives out her real cellphone number to strangers who ask for it (not advisable though!).

I warned her about this, but she believes she owe her supporters that much so as to spend her free time responding to their messages and calls.

She brims with positivity… the kind of optimism that’s genuine.

When asked how she manages to be… light. She answered: “Mag-iisip ka na rin lang, problema pa.”

She’s interesting… and (shocker!) she has style.

She asked me to help her buy stuff in Greenhills last Sunday… and her choices in clothing never came off as baduy.

Have you seen her fashion shots?

Photo by Sean Lim

Photo by Sean Lim

Photo by Sean Lim

I wanted to make her look chic and high fashion material.

With the help of photographer Sean Lim, Stylist Ning Corteza, and model/make-up artist Jane Lacap (who’s such a darling!)… Patani literally transformed with élan!

What we had was more than enough for a three-hour impromptu fashion shoot — apparently… Patani can be a model… she is a natural!

Now, if only people would look beyond her diction (which is not actually a flaw since she was born in Visayas).

She may not have the powerful vocs of comedienne Beverly Salviejo… nor the theatrical expertise of Eugene Domingo… but with a lot of “help” from people who can properly guide her… and teach her how to “innovate” and improve her craft… maybe…hopefully… she won’t end up as a dud.

Soon, Yaya Patani will prove to everyone how she is such a winner!


Mga Puna»

1. fjordz - Oktubre 17, 2008

hindi na ako nakakapanood ng TV pero madalas kong marinig ang pangalan niya. Alam ko rin na galing siya sa Survivor Philippines dahil isa siya sa pinagkukwentuhan nina Mama lalo na nang lumabas siya sa EB.

Since gusto naman siya ng pamilya ko, uber natural nga yata talaga siya sa TV, and since sobrang mabait pala siya sa fans niya, smart at.. ang dami mo kasing positive na sinabi sa kanya eh, sige na nga! Napilit mo akong maging fan niya hehehe..

kapag nagkaroon ng time na makapanood ng TV, ichecheck ko yan! hehehe


2. potsquared - Oktubre 18, 2008

bakit naman naicompare kay pokwang.. parang ang layo.. mas crush ko si patani.. ehehehe.. hindi na rin ako nakakapanood ng TV lalo na ang mga palabas sa pinas.. pero ayon sa kwento mo… mukhang ok na tao si patani.. sana hindi lumaki ulo tulad ng “iba”.. hihihi

potsquareds last blog post..sinehan…

3. taps - Oktubre 19, 2008

okay naman si patani, ang ganda kaya ng kulay nya. I mean skin color nya. Parang kay tetchie agbayani.

tapss last blog post..Beautiful Girls

4. Jason - Nobyembre 4, 2008

she’s beautiful and what a figure!

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