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Redundancy Oktubre 22, 2008

Posted by Lenggai in Boo!, Kritiko/Panatiko.

Be the change you want to see — some friend’s shoutout in Facebook.

Idealistic, but knowing us… we love to get our heads fcuked up by the same shit, over and over again.

It starts with a stupid simple new year’s resolution:

“I will not eat rice. I will start dieting. I will follow an exercise program.”

I commend those who can honestly say they managed to stick to the plan.

But for most of us, come Valentine’s Day, the “WILL” in every sentence has not yet changed to “AM,” and I still end up drinking beer and eating crispy pata at some bar in Timog.

Then we fall in lust love with the married wrong person.

Some say it’s challenging, I say it’s bullshit.

I mean, what part of LOVE YOURSELF don’t you get?

I loved an asshole and it ain’t worth it (please take note: the verb is in past tense).

I can’t really say that I’m done.

I’m 27 and of course, there are many jerks in the sea (and most of them are married or gay).

And then we watch the news.

A reckless bus driver hits a mercedes benz in EDSA — Benz crashes. Bursts in flames. Driver Doc (an optometrist) gets toast.

Fcuktard driver flees the crime scene, then surrenders a couple of hours later (a conscience! Hallelujah!).

Based on MMDA data, there are thousands of bus-related accidents each year.

From January to September 2008 alone, 2,613 bus accidents have been recorded.

Pretty comforting stats for someone who prefers to take the bus every now and then.

DOTC (is it?) promised to investigate (shocker!) and implement stricter policies against these road maniacs, but give it a few days and I’m sure, this issue will go back in the coffers.

Excuse my morbidity, but not unless a son or daughter of an MMDA/LTFRB official turns into roadkill for these commuter coffins, don’t expect discipline or even courtesy to emanate from these shitheads (I don’t care if they are minimum wage earners, poverty is never an excuse for ANYTHING).

And how can I forget about this retired PNP General?

He, along with his junketing wife, got caught with millions of taxpayers’ moolah in some airport in Germany.

He says it’s legal budget mixed with tons of pocket money.

But the evidence and other authorities say otherwise.

So, what do we Pinoys do about it?

As expected, the media will crucify him. Some loser government agency investigates (I bet, for pogi points purposes only), but again… until another scandal comes along, all these will end up as yesterday’s news (think: Garcillano, Lozada).

What I hate most about this issue is not how Ret. P/Dir. Eliseo De la Paz squandered millions of pesos (yeah, we get a lot of that, too bad he got caught in Germany, kung sa airport ng PInas ‘yan, sigurado lusot sya), it’s how he still kept on insisting he is innocent… on national TV!

Sir, what do you think of us, natives, stupid?


Oh, I can rant all day on how freakin’ corrupt and basura their system is… but again, it’s like using PINAKAHIGHEST or MOST GREATEST in one sentence — grammatically incorrect and so fcukin redundant.

There goes my piso’s worth.

Even while ranting, we Pinoys love to state the obvious. We can’t help it.

It’s a vicious cycle.


Mga Puna»

1. potsquared - Oktubre 23, 2008

same old.. same old… may bago pa ba? haaayy…

potsquareds last blog post..sinehan…

2. dompy - Oktubre 23, 2008

Well, that’s the Philippines… sucks to be us.

[i]”I loved an asshole and it ain’t worth it (please take note: the verb is in past tense).”[/i]
–> isa lang ang masasabi ko: Good for you! (does he read this, by the way?)

dompys last blog post..A “Happy Tuesday”

3. miss choi - Nobyembre 4, 2008

may facebook ka? adz me hehehe

miss chois last blog post..Double Apple Celebration

4. jason kenny - Enero 17, 2009

Have a barbeque with plenty of fosters
It works for me

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