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Something to smile about Disyembre 2, 2008

Posted by Lenggai in Buhay-bahay, Good News, Lipad-isip.
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Heaven is smiling down at us tonight.


Call me sentimental, but I’ve always loved beautiful skies.

And tonight’s sky was particularly gorgeous.

Given the intermittent rains in the Philippines these past few weeks, we’re quite blessed to have clear weather this evening.

Good thing we also had our DSLR camera at hand.

My camera phone would have been too… crude.

What we’ve witnessed is called a planetary conjunction (sorry, guys, I’m not really good at the technical details — ahm, hello, Google!).

To think that this “Smiling Moon” phenomenon will occur again after 48 years… we’re lucky enough to capture it on cam.

Pardon my cheesy photo with li’l sis.

Guess I’ve been writing about too much hate and anger these past few days… it’s about time I put in something positive in my blog.

Remember the famous, yet fictitious light signal at Gotham City? The one with Batman’s logo on it?

This is our version.

Despite all the violence and shit happening all around us, heaven is showing us that things will actually get better.



Mga Puna»

1. taps - Disyembre 2, 2008

kelan kaya yung planetary conjuction na naka-pakyu dun na lang ako magpapapicture.

tapss last blog post..Super Twins!

2. Lenggai - Disyembre 2, 2008

bwahah!!! pwede, taps. tapos lahat kami nakaitim at me nose ring… ‘stig!

3. Dx - Disyembre 2, 2008

waaahhh!!! it was seen by da world??!? akala ko pa naman secret message sken yun from earth-93112!!!

Dxs last blog post..Macau in X1 images

4. fjordz - Disyembre 2, 2008

wow! pero nasasad ako huhuhu.. kasi naman i’m such a loser! hindi ko siya makita kagabi or siguro nga, hindi talaga ako nag effort na hanapin siya sa langit kasi naman nagmamadali akong bumalik ng Manila tsk tsk..

after 48 years ko pa siya mikita.. buhay pa kaya ako nun? hahaha


5. dompy - Disyembre 2, 2008

buhay pa tayo after 48 years… positive ako! ๐Ÿ˜€ makikita natin yan ulet.

it’s nice to post something na hindi angsty once in a while. ๐Ÿ™‚

happy thoughts!

dompys last blog post..Whatโ€™s my dream?

6. dompy - Disyembre 2, 2008

na-realize mo ba na hindi gagana ang bat signal kapag clear ang skies…?

wala lang, nasabi ko lang.

dompys last blog post..Whatโ€™s my dream?

7. carly - Disyembre 2, 2008

ba’t di ko alam ‘to? sayang, hindi tuloy ako nangitian ng langit…

buti na lang, nadiligan ako… JOKE!!!


carlys last blog post..Paano ba magpaalam?

8. Dx - Disyembre 3, 2008

anu ba yaaaann!! di mo nakita A ung inverted smiley (sad face) last nyt?

Dxs last blog post..Macau in X1 images

9. Dx - Disyembre 4, 2008

hay nako antayin mo pagka-upload ko ng inverted smiley bukas.. ayaw neto maniwala. dont you know?

The Earth is surrounded by stars that are distant to our solar system. The Earth rotates on its axis. Each location faces our Sun in the daytime and faces away from our Sun at night. When we are at a location facing our Sun, it is daylight and we do not see the stars.

Dxs last blog post..Sony Ericsson Xperia review: Macau in X1 images

10. kulot - Disyembre 7, 2008

wow ang ganda pala ng view nyan dyan sa pinas, dito gatuldok lang kaya di ko na kinunan ng larawan

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