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Cam Whores Abril 14, 2009

Posted by Lenggai in Boo!.

Last week, Filipinos cheered on an Aussie who joined an annual crucifixion rite in Bulacan.

Then a few hours ago, I heard on the news that the supposedly “ordinary” guy turned out to be TV host John Zafran. Zafran has been known for pulling off extreme stunts on camera for TV documentaries.

Working in media, I’ve been very familiar with personalities who would do anything to gain more airtime. But just when you thought Pinoy network posers are not enough, here comes this foreigner who brought another low blow to our profession.

See, Zafran introduced himself as “John Michaels” to local reporters.

When people asked about the camera crew who accompanied him, the Australians answered something like it was some sort of a “personal thing for him.”

Filipinos are not new to international media covering our culture and tradition. Some of us won’t even hide the weirdness and the gore that comes with the package — if you ask them nicely of course.

So why deny the nature of your coverage, Mr. Zafran? Why the false name?

In case you did not know, some of us watch the Discovery Channel too!

Now, I won’t waste my time being preachy and righteous about this so-called “journalist” — if that’s Zafran’s way in covering a story, then, so be it.

But to ever… ever call that journalism?

I don’t think so.

That’s acting, stupid!

I hope Mr. Zafran cleaned up his wounds nicely, though.

We Filipinos are Catholics, but we strongly believe in the law of karma.


While watching my favorite soap in a rival network, I saw this early election campaign ad by a famous Senator.

My forever observant younger sister laughed when the Senator — in an attempt to “relieve” a young boy from the “toils” of driving a pedicab — drove the bike himself while assuring the kid how he will be his ally — ALL THE WAY.

Dear Mr. Senator, how much did you pay that boy to appear for your ad? Did you offer him a free scholarship? How about his siblings? I bet they’re not less than five children in the family.

How about the rest of the poverty-stricken Pinoys living in Metro Manila alone? Will you be willing to push the hundreds of karitons wheeling about the dirty streets of Manila to earn the masa’s presidential vote just to prove how sincere you are with your intentions?

C’mon, Sir, the timing’s just right for 2010.

While the trend now is to “introduce” yourself through public service infomercials that touch the hearts of telenovelamaniacs like us, why can’t you show us something more realistic?

I have a concept suggestion:

Let’s try this — say the scene shows you — Mr. Politician — talking to a young boy who’s ranting about how kawawa he is because poverty will never make his dreams come true.

Now, being the intelligent man that you are, you tell this boy that it’s good that he’s working so hard to earn for his tuition and all, but while his money can only last him ’til his next meal, why don’t you go to his house and chat with his parents?

Next scene shows you guys entering a dilapidated house — you see his pregnant mom breastfeeding a year-old kid while his nine other siblings go thrash the little place (as usual).

You go spank the mom (real hard! Give us something that would put Gladys Reyes to shame!), tell her how come she can afford to be so poor and horny. Then you go look for the boy’s dad, who — alas! Is out burning his son’s hard-earned bucks on a drinking-spree…

At first, you shove this stereotype of an irresponsible parent towards the camera, then give him a series of punches — a la-FPJ (you know how Pinoys are suckers for these moves).

Tell the guy how he should work his ass off and feed his family.

Scream at him about the importance of honest labor.

Then for video purposes, throw in a little game of Russian Roulette — if the gun does not go off in three clicks, make him realize how lucky he is, that he should promise to be a good father and a good influence to his kids so as to stop the sorry chain of self-pity and laziness among our poor.

In the end — drunkard father goes off to be a hard working construction worker and mom goes to the health center for a tubal ligation.

Young boy grows up to be a Fisherman, while his younger brother becomes an actor.

Stuntman to be exact. But still.

Nice story line, isn’t it? More realistic.

But I bet you won’t waste your pork barrels on something close to political suicide.

Production-wise, these rich politicians can dish out cheesy, but cinematographically-sound ads.

We can all froth at the mouth ranting about all the early campaigning, but we can’t stop these. It’s part of the PR strategy.

We’re just here to vote.

It’s just sad how when it comes to real, hardcore issues such as the ASG kidnappings, price hikes and Cha-Cha — these TV heroes are all but wallflowers in suits — they look good, but they just can’t commit.

What a classic waste of precious airtime.


Mga Puna»

1. libay - Abril 14, 2009

hmmm BP now is 110/78

oh sorry i used my netmon 😛

libays last blog post..The Stations of the Cross

2. fjordz - Abril 14, 2009

hindi ko rin gusto yung drama ni John Michaels este John Zafran. bakit nga kaya niya kinailangang itago ang totoong pagkatao niya at ang sadya niya? hmmm..

regarding Mar at ang mga susunod pang gaya niya, hayz! buntong hininga na lang. kasi hindi natin mapipigilang gawin iyon ng mga pulitikong ito. hayz! 2010! O, 2010!

fjordzs last blog post..I’m Back!

3. lyzius - Abril 14, 2009

na over heard ko nga yan sa TFC kagabi…. pero di ko masyadong nakita ang itsura nung tv host na aussie na yun…pero ang pagkakarinig ko ata foreign actor or something…not so sure…

dito ako nakakapulot ng mga juicy current events sa blog mo…hahaha..

4. dompy - Abril 15, 2009

don’t watch the news, so di ko kilala si john zafran. and wa ko care. baka gusto lang nya maging bagong miyembro ng jackass peeps.

and as for your PS, nauna pa si mr. sipag-at-tiyaga kesa kay mr. palengke mangampanya. cheesy din yun.

funny, mr. palengke’s ad looked like it had smudges of boy abunda’s fingerprints. or it’s just me…

dompys last blog post..Update on my online earning efforts

5. Pilar - Abril 17, 2009

mamsky, manggugulo lang. daan ka blog ko i have something for you po! amishu! *hugtyt*

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7. wii world - Mayo 6, 2009

Cool post, thanks for the info – I usually don’t add comments in these things but found the post as a mistake. Keep posting more like this!, I added you to my favorites!

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