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Not-so-handy-Handyman Hunyo 19, 2009

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Here’s something from Analyn.

(Just thought I’d share this with you, dear readers, since being a “blogkaster” of sorts, it is my “duty” to dish out stuff like this. This incident is pretty interesting, though. Maybe, if libel won’t be a problem, I can put up a site for this kind of thing… what do you guys think?)

* * *

To the Management of Handyman Hardware:

I am a regular customer of Handyman Hardware Trinoma Branch.

They used to give good service every time I buy in that store, but this Sunday, June 14, 2009, at exactly 12:20 pm, I purchased one pack of Dog Food for only P195.00.

When I gave my P1,000 bill to the cashier, GEMMA RANULO, she looked disgusted and refused to accept my payment. Her reason was that ALL banks were closed on Sundays.

Ms. Ranulo asked me if I had P200 instead, or better yet, I should find another store who would break down my bill.

I don’t feel like buying anything else, so I came back a few minutes later, hoping they will have change for my money. By 1:30pm, Ms. Ranulo still refused to accept my purchase. The woman ahead of me bought a coleman worth P250 and her money was also P1,000. Ms. Ranulo gave her the exact change, but when it was my turn, she told me she still cannot accept my money! Ms. Ranulo required me to pay the exact amount as if she is mocking me!

After 20 minutes, out of curiosity, I asked my older sister to buy the dog food with the same one thousand peso bill.

Alas! She was able to buy the item without any hassle, at all! And it turns out Ms. Ranulo has change for P1,000!

Why is your cashier refusing my money? I have no personal relationship with Ms. Ranulo, and I never met this cashier from hell!

She looked disgusted every time I return to the store.

This incident really bothered me.

I felt mocked by your employee. I don’t want you to fire her, but at least, work on how you treat your customers! Prepare lose change before Sundays!

I’ve experienced worse from other establishments, but I was never humiliated by a cashier!

Yours truly,

Analyn Perez

* * *

The letter was emailed to the management of Handyman last Sunday. Four days later, my sister got a reply from their marketing officer:

Dear Ms. Perez:
I apologize for this incident. We will look into this matter and give pep talk to all store personnel. I assure you this would not happen again.
Thank you for your advise.

Jane A. Yuzon
Marketing Services Manager
Tel. # (632)395-5249 / 635-0751 to 64 loc. 159
Fax # (632)395-0202
Mobile # 0922-2439529

* * *

At least the Management was professional enough to address my sister’s complaint.

I just hope they will give Ms. Ranulo more than just a simple “pep” talk.

People with that type of attitude should not be placed at the counter — we’re all too familiar with Nora, ‘ayt?

Mga malas sa negosyo!

They should be in the warehouse — where it’s dark and dusty. No customers to throw bull at there — just boxes. And mites.


Mga Puna»

1. kurokuro - Hunyo 19, 2009

pag-trip-an natin iyang ms. ranulo na iyan gusto mo?

2. lio loco - Hunyo 19, 2009

kung ako ‘yun, i’d give that cashier a tongue-lashing right then and there. papasesante ko pa siya kamo. eh pano kaya kung ikaw ung andun sa sitwasyon ng utol mo? anong gagawin mo, miss lenggai?

3. dompy - Hunyo 22, 2009

naku, sa amin right then and there ipatatawag ko yung branch manager at pagsasabihan siya at yung cashier. if i were in your shoes tapos mabait siya sa kin, after the purchase tatanungin ko siya kung bakit yung kapatid ko hindi maganda yung pakitungo niya.

this reminded me of the time na nagtaas ng boses ang dad ko sa grocery some weeks ago. sukli nya kasi nun Php0.25, pero binigay sa kanya dalawang 10 centavos e maraming 25 centavos yung kahera. ayun, he demanded the cashier give him the exact change at pinagalitan nya yung kahera at grocery manager within earshot of other shoppers.

4. Raydian - Hulyo 12, 2009

hi Pipol,Hello Ms. Lenggai ,just read the comments abt the customer service experience that you recently encounterd,well i understand how you feel,and i used to have that kind of feeling before..thinking that you were nt able to get the quality service that you deserve,even me i feel so annoyed mostly if there are things that we realy dont expect ,We feel so mad if pipol failed to treat us the way we wanted to..and most scenarios wherein we find this kind of feeling are for those pipol who works on us who failed to meet our expecations and specialy for thse pipol who works in customer service, We,consumer have a number of bold standards in achieving the so called customer service satisfaction., but i would like to hve this opprotunity to warmly informed and educate everyone,that we shouldnt forget that those pipol who works on us and those pipol who are in a customer service are also HUMANS like us.and they also committed mistakes,we tend to forget sometimes that we were once a service provider and we committed mistakes as well, We tend to forget that most pipol learn by there own mistakes.,and they we are all on this position for a purpose..Moving forward.,all of us here in the corporate world comitted mistakes ,we practice providing good service to evryone but we must admit that we failed sometimes.,and we are not perfect..and its acceptble for every human eye and even the creator above understand tht no human being is created perfect, You may srtrongly disagree on what im trying to say,could be because you have a God-like standards,or you may think that you earn a lot compare to those pipol who work for you,so they should treat u right.or you expect that in this whole world ,all pipol must pay attentions and respect for who you are, we are not God or were not even satan to yell or freaked out to anyone who comitted mistakes truth hurts but its reality ,Question here.Is that should be our approach whenever it failed to meet our own standards or quality ? ,Should it be the rght attitude that we must display Wether pipol failed or committed mistakes? We all have the right to get mad we all expect for a quality customer service. the only thing that get this kind of scenarios much even more worst is that the way or aproach on how we handled it,,try to tone down ,dnt freak out,dont critized pipol if theres something wrong on thre service or with thre attidtude on hw they handle things,Instead try to understand, and educate them professionaly..dnt make things so complicated,you dnt need to humliate or shout at pipol in public ,if you want to shine be an artist or publshed ur face and ur name on TV and newspaper bt not in that inhumane manner..Always try to understand that we are not all created equal..all of us commited mistakes. I just postd this simple thoughts because im againts and i feel so sad on hw we or you judge other pipol.Ms.lenggai..with ur statement like this

“People with that type of attitude should not be placed at the counter — we’re all too familiar with Nora, ‘ayt? Mga malas sa negosyo!
They should be in the warehouse — where it’s dark and dusty. No customers to throw bull at there — just boxes. And mites.”

Thats too much ur not even God to judge what theye deserve, Wer you been treated that way before? What if you were on that situation would u rather choose push urself to hell than making things right or better?..hw would you feel if ur complete name is posted here nd pipol keep on posting there indecent remarks like this?..do you feel satisfied at peace when ur doin this?think of it..teach or educate them right but not in that inhumane way…this message not only goes for you but for evryone who treated pipol like mites”.Practice doing Good deeds everyday and Be a Good Samaritan, God is watching on us.

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